20 ChatGPT Prompts for AI/ML Engineering

Carefully crafted 20 ChatGPT prompts to power up your AI/ML Engineering tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 20 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write a project proposal

Draft a project proposal for implementing an AI solution to address a specific problem.

Generate a list of relevant algorithms

List ten machine learning algorithms suitable for analyzing a particular type of data or problem.

Draft pseudocode for an algorithm

Write pseudocode for implementing a specific algorithm.

Create a summary of a research paper

Summarize a research paper titled with a specific title.

Write a data preprocessing checklist

Provide a checklist for preprocessing data for a specified type of ML model.

Formulate a problem statement

Define a problem statement for applying AI in a specific domain or application.

Draft a model evaluation report

Write a brief evaluation report for a machine learning model trained on a described dataset or probl..

List hyperparameters for tuning

List hyperparameters to consider tuning for a specified machine learning model.

Write a project update email

Draft an email updating stakeholders on the progress of a specified AI project.

Generate a list of relevant datasets

List five potential datasets suitable for a described AI or ML task.

Draft a model training log

Write a sample training log entry for a machine learning model after a specified epoch.

Create a list of evaluation metrics

List evaluation metrics suitable for a particular type of machine learning problem, like classificat..

Write a model documentation section

Draft a documentation section detailing the architecture of a specific machine learning model.

Generate a list of tools and libraries

List ten tools and libraries essential for a described AI or ML task or project.

Draft a troubleshooting guide entry

Write a troubleshooting step for a common AI or ML problem or error.

Create a list of project milestones

List milestones for a six-month AI project focused on achieving a main goal.

Write a data collection strategy

Draft a strategy for collecting data for a specified AI or ML task or application.

Draft a conference abstract

Write an abstract for a presentation on a specific AI or ML topic or research area.

Generate a list of project risks

List potential risks for an AI project in a specified domain or industry.

Write a model deployment checklist

Provide a checklist for deploying a machine learning model into production.