Meet the Founders

An experienced and award winning team on a mission to help 100M professionals adapt AI in everyday life.

Muntasir and Moin, Founders of Promptmatic

Muntasir and Moin, Founders of Promptmatic

Our mission

At Promptmatic, we're pioneering the future of ChatGPT interaction with our innovative prompt management and bookmark manager tool. Our mission is to help 100M professionals adapt AI in their everyday professional life. We believe AI is the new electricity and it's not here to replace us but to make us better at what we already do.

Who we are

We are a small but experienced team of product managers, engineers and marketers based in Paris, France. We are proudly part of Station F and La French Tech. At the very core, we are users first and then product builders. That’s why, we envision ourselves as an ecosystem builder by serving all parts of a person’s journey to AI adaption in everyday life.

As a team obsessed with user experience and product simplification, we believe in the motto of delivering more than expected. We believe and practice equality and our values as a human will always reflect in our product and services.

Our product philosophy

Promptmatic is more than just a utility tool; it's a community-driven platform designed to simplify how users interact with ChatGPT. We believe in simplicity, user-centric design, and the power of collaboration. Our approach is grounded in the understanding that every feature we develop should contribute to a more productive and enjoyable user experience.

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