Fair Usage Policy

Last revised on April 03, 2024

Promptmatic’s offering is subject to our fair usage policy. We expect the usage of most of our users to fall within the range of our free or Promptmatic paid plan. Our goal is to keep our pricing simple and our limits as permissive as possible. We don’t want you to worry about forced upgrades and higher fees.

When your usage causes pressure on our infrastructure we will contact you to create a custom plan.

Examples of Extensive Usage

  • Creating prompt templates in bulk: For example, 300 prompt templates per month.
  • Bookmarking GPTs in bulk: For example, 300 bookmarks per month.
  • Creating folders in bulk: For example, 200 folders per month.
  • Sharing Promptmatic paid plan features with other users.

Promptmatic paid subscription

The Promptmatic paid subscription is meant for use by a single person. Sharing Promptmatic paid functionality with other individuals or businesses is strictly prohibited. This policy ensures the integrity of the service and maintains a consistent user experience. Violation of this policy may result in the suspension or termination of the Promptmatic paid subscription and permanent ban from our service.

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