19 ChatGPT Prompts for Industrial Designing

Carefully crafted 19 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Industrial Designing tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 19 ChatGPT prompt templates

Generate product names

Suggest five product names for a new product type.

Write product descriptions

Write a product description for your chosen product name.

Create a mood board description

Describe a mood board for your selected design theme.

Draft design specifications

Draft basic specifications for your specified product type.

Identify materials for a design

List five potential materials suitable for your mentioned product type.

Describe ergonomic considerations

Describe ergonomic factors to consider for your indicated product type.

Outline design constraints

List potential constraints for designing your specified product type.

Detail design features

Detail the main features of your named product or type.

Explain design choices

Explain the design choices for a specific design element.

Describe user interaction

Describe how users might interact with your named product.

Draft user manuals

Draft a basic user manual section for your mentioned product feature.

Write product packaging text

Write text for the packaging of your specified product name.

Generate design taglines

Suggest a tagline for your chosen product name.

Describe color schemes

Describe a color scheme suitable for your specified product type or theme.

Outline manufacturing processes

Outline a basic manufacturing process for your mentioned material or product type.

Detail maintenance instructions

Provide maintenance instructions for your specified product type.

Describe design inspirations

Describe the inspiration behind your chosen design concept.

Draft patent descriptions

Draft a description for a patent application for your mentioned product feature or design.

Write design presentation scripts

Write a script for presenting your design project or product.