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Install Promptmatic: If you haven't already then begin by installing the Promptmatic extension from the Chrome Web Store. It's completely free.

Open prompt library: Once you have installed our Google Chrome extension, open the prompt library tab. You have access to all our 2900 ready-to-use prompt templates including this one.

Find and use this prompt in ChatGPT: Simply use our search box to locate this prompt and click on the "Use this template" button. Replace the variables and click the "Use this prompt" button. It's that simple 🙂 For detail tutorial 👉 Click here.

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Outline design constraints

List potential constraints for designing your specified product type.

Detail maintenance instructions

Provide maintenance instructions for your specified product type.

Draft user manuals

Draft a basic user manual section for your mentioned product feature.

Draft patent descriptions

Draft a description for a patent application for your mentioned product feature ..

Describe design inspirations

Describe the inspiration behind your chosen design concept.

Generate product names

Suggest five product names for a new product type.