17 ChatGPT Prompts for Life Coaching

Carefully crafted 17 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Life Coaching tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 17 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write affirmations for a specific goal

Provide five affirmations for achieving a specific goal.

Create a vision statement

Draft a vision statement for someone wanting to achieve a desired outcome.

Draft a weekly goal plan

Outline a weekly plan for someone aiming to meet a weekly objective.

Write a self-reflection prompt

Suggest a self-reflection question for someone struggling with a specific issue.

Generate daily motivational quotes

Share a motivational quote for someone feeling a particular emotion.

Create a journaling prompt

Provide a journaling prompt for someone exploring a theme or topic.

Write a mindfulness exercise

Describe a 5-minute mindfulness exercise for a specific situation or emotion.

Formulate a personal mission statement

Draft a personal mission statement for someone with particular core values.

Create a gratitude prompt

Suggest a gratitude exercise for someone who wants to focus on a specific area or theme.

Draft a self-care routine

Outline a daily self-care routine for someone with specific needs or challenges.

Write a visualization script

Provide a script for a visualization exercise focusing on a desired outcome or scenario.

Generate a list of empowering questions

List five empowering questions for someone facing a specific challenge or decision.

Create a daily intention setting prompt

Suggest a prompt for setting daily intentions related to a specific focus or goal.

Write a resilience-building exercise

Describe an exercise to help someone build resilience against a specific challenge or adversity.

Formulate a client intake questionnaire

Draft a questionnaire for new clients focusing on a specific area of life or challenge.

Generate a list of recommended readings

List five book recommendations for someone interested in a specific topic or area of personal growth..

Create a goal-setting worksheet

Design a worksheet for setting and tracking goals related to a specific area or objective.