11 ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Analysis

Carefully crafted 11 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Social Media Analysis tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 11 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write social media post captions

Write a caption for a social media image.

Generate hashtag suggestions

Suggest ten relevant hashtags for a topic or event.

Draft responses to user comments

Draft a response to a user comment.

Create social media polls/questions

Design a poll question related to a topic or event.

Suggest content for social media stories

Suggest a story idea for promoting a product or event.

Draft social media ad copy

Write an ad copy for promoting a product or service on social media.

Draft social media event announcements

Write an announcement for an event.

Draft social media bios

Write a bio for a brand or individual for a social media platform.

Create content calendars

Draft a content calendar entry for a specific date on a social media platform.

Generate ideas for user-generated conten..

Suggest an idea for a user-generated content campaign for a brand or product.

Draft social media contest rules

Write rules for a contest on a social media platform.