38 ChatGPT Prompts for Search Engine Optimization

Carefully crafted 38 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Search Engine Optimization tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 38 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write blog post titles for a keyword or ..

Write blog post titles that are SEO-friendly and keyword-rich related to your chosen topic.

Identify popular questions

List 5 popular questions associated with your specific keyword.

Write meta description

Create a search engine optimized meta description for your designated keyword.

Generate SEO-friendly URLs

Propose 5 SEO-friendly URLs for your chosen topic.

Create header tags

Outline H1, H2, and H3 tags for content titled with your specified content title.

Suggest image alt texts

Provide alt text for an image described as per your details.

Draft anchor text for links

Compose SEO-friendly anchor text for linking to your specified target page or topic.

Generate SEO content ideas

Generate 5 content ideas based on your selected keyword.

Write SEO-friendly product descriptions

Craft an SEO-optimized product description for your described product.

Create SEO audit reports

Prepare a brief SEO audit report for the specified website.

Identify LSI keywords

List 5 LSI keywords related to your primary keyword.

Draft internal linking suggestions

Identify 3 internal linking opportunities for the article with your provided title.

Write SEO-friendly video descriptions

Develop an SEO-optimized video description for your described video topic.

Generate backlink outreach emails

Write an outreach email for backlink opportunities targeting the specified article URL.

Create SEO strategies

Formulate a basic SEO strategy for a website within your indicated niche.

Suggest mobile optimization tips

Offer 3 mobile optimization tips for the given website.

Draft schema markup suggestions

Design basic schema markup for your specified type: article, product, event, etc.

Write SEO-friendly podcast descriptions

Write an SEO-optimized description for a podcast episode on your described topic.

Generate local SEO suggestions

Provide 3 local SEO tips for a business in your indicated city or location.

Draft voice search optimization tips

Propose 2 voice search optimization strategies for your specified keyword.

Create SEO-friendly event descriptions

Describe an SEO-optimized event about your described event.

Draft SEO-friendly FAQ sections

Create 5 FAQ entries for your specified topic.

Generate ideas for infographics

Suggest 3 infographic ideas based on your chosen keyword.

Create SEO-friendly testimonials

Compose a testimonial for your specified product or service, focusing on your keyword.

Draft responses for negative reviews

Respond professionally to a negative review concerning the described product or service issue.

Suggest improvements for page speed

Suggest 2 methods to improve page speed for the specified website.

Create SEO-friendly user reviews

Draft a user review for your described product or service, emphasizing your keyword.

Generate ideas for guest posts

Recommend 3 guest post topics for a website within your specified niche.

Draft SEO-friendly press releases

Develop an SEO-optimized press release headline for your described news or event.

Suggest updates for old blog posts

Recommend updates for the blog post titled with your provided title.

Draft SEO-friendly webinar descriptions

Write an SEO-optimized description for a webinar on your described topic.

Generate ideas for SEO case studies

Suggest 2 topics for SEO case studies within your industry.

Create SEO-friendly survey questions

Draft 3 survey questions to collect user feedback on your specified product or service.

Draft SEO-friendly eBook descriptions

Create an SEO-optimized description for an eBook with your provided title.

Generate ideas for SEO workshops

Propose 2 topics for SEO workshops based on current industry trends.

Create SEO-friendly course descriptions

Develop an SEO-optimized description for an online course on your described topic.

Draft responses for positive reviews

Respond professionally to a positive review about the described product or service.

Generate ideas for SEO tools and resourc..

Recommend 3 tools or resources useful for SEO within your industry.