28 ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Analytics

Carefully crafted 28 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Marketing Analytics tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 28 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write a data summary

Summarize the key findings from a dataset.

Generate a report title

Suggest a title for a report on a specific topic.

Create data visualization captions

Write a caption for a data visualization.

Draft a data analysis conclusion

Conclude the analysis based on key findings.

Identify data trends

Identify potential trends from a data summary.

Formulate data-driven questions

Suggest five questions based on a data summary.

Draft recommendations based on data

Provide recommendations based on key findings.

Create a dataset glossary

Define a list of data terms.

Create a data analysis introduction

Write an introduction for a report on a specific topic.

Draft a data-driven hypothesis

Formulate a hypothesis based on a data summary.

Draft a data-driven prediction

Predict future trends based on key findings.

Draft a data-driven action plan

Suggest an action plan based on key findings.

Draft a report summary

Summarize a marketing analytics report.

Create a list of KPIs

List ten key performance indicators for a marketing campaign.

Generate insights from data

Provide insights from a specific dataset.

Formulate recommendations

Offer marketing recommendations based on an analysis.

Draft a SWOT analysis

Conduct a SWOT analysis for a product or campaign.

Create a list of marketing channels

Identify five potential marketing channels for a target audience.

Draft a customer persona

Create a customer persona using demographic and psychographic data.

Write a competitive analysis

Perform a competitive analysis for a product and its competitors.

Formulate hypotheses for A/B tests

Suggest three hypotheses for A/B testing.

Draft a post-campaign analysis

Write an analysis of a marketing campaign after its completion.

Create a list of potential marketing str..

List five marketing strategies for a target market.

Draft a monthly analytics newsletter

Provide a monthly update on analytics.

Write a data-driven story

Tell a story using data from a dataset.

Formulate a list of growth opportunities

Identify five growth opportunities from a market analysis.

Draft a list of data sources

List five potential data sources for research.

Draft a predictive analysis

Predict future trends based on historical marketing data.