19 ChatGPT Prompts for Legal Documents and Contracts

Carefully crafted 19 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Legal Documents and Contracts tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 19 ChatGPT prompt templates

Draft a confidentiality agreement

Draft a basic confidentiality agreement for specified parties.

Create a lease agreement

Draft a lease agreement for a designated residential property.

Write a letter of intent

Write a letter of intent for a specific purpose or transaction.

Draft a power of attorney

Draft a general power of attorney for named individuals.

Create a non-compete clause

Write a non-compete clause for an employment contract in a specified state or jurisdiction.

Draft a will

Draft a basic will for an individual with detailed personal information.

Formulate a partnership agreement

Draft a partnership agreement for a named business.

Write a copyright notice

Write a copyright notice for a designated copyright holder and year.

Draft a waiver of liability

Draft a waiver of liability for a specified event or activity.

Create a sales contract

Draft a sales contract for a specified product or service.

Write a termination clause

Write a termination clause for a service agreement with a named provider.

Draft a dispute resolution clause

Write a dispute resolution clause for a contract between specified parties.

Create an employment contract

Draft an employment contract for a specified job position at a named company.

Write a privacy policy

Write a basic privacy policy for a named website.

Draft a terms of service agreement

Draft terms of service for a named online platform.

Create a licensing agreement

Draft a licensing agreement for specified intellectual property or product.

Write a shareholder agreement

Draft a shareholder agreement for a named company.

Create a loan agreement

Draft a loan agreement between named individuals.

Write an indemnification clause

Write an indemnification clause for a contract between specified parties.