49 ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Content Writing

Carefully crafted 49 ChatGPT prompts to power up your SEO Content Writing tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 49 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write a catchy headline

Craft a catchy headline for an article about your topic.

Draft an introduction

Write an engaging introduction for a blog post about your topic.

Formulate a conclusion

Draft a conclusion for an article discussing your topic.

Create subheadings

Suggest five subheadings for a blog post on your topic.

Generate a call-to-action

Create a compelling call-to-action for a webpage selling your product or service.

Write product descriptions

Write an SEO-optimized product description for your product.

Draft email subject lines

Suggest three email subject lines for a newsletter about your topic.

Create SEO-friendly image captions

Write a caption for this image, keeping SEO in mind based on your description.

Formulate meta tags

Provide meta tags for a webpage about your topic.

Write anchor texts for links

Suggest anchor texts for a link pointing to a page about your topic.

Generate SEO-friendly URLs

Propose an SEO-friendly URL for a page titled your page title.

Draft social media posts

Write a social media post promoting an article about your topic.

Create content briefs

Draft a content brief for a 1000-word article on your topic.

Write alt text for images

Provide alt text for an image depicting your described image.

Formulate internal linking suggestions

Suggest three internal links for a website about your website's main topic.

Draft guest post pitches

Write a pitch for a guest post on the topic of your choice.

Generate topic ideas

Suggest five blog post topics related to your niche or industry.

Write video descriptions

Draft an SEO-optimized description for a video about your video topic.

Create content summaries

Summarize a 2000-word article about your topic in 150 words.

Draft podcast episode titles

Suggest a title for a podcast episode discussing your podcast topic.

Write FAQ sections

Draft three frequently asked questions for a product page about your product.

Formulate testimonial requests

Write a request email asking for a testimonial from a customer who purchased your product or service..

Generate content outlines

Create an outline for a how-to guide about your topic.

Draft press releases

Write the opening paragraph for a press release announcing your news or event.

Create event descriptions

Draft a description for an event focusing on your event's main theme.

Write webinar titles

Suggest a catchy title for a webinar about your webinar topic.

Formulate survey questions

Draft three survey questions for readers of a blog about your blog niche.

Generate eBook titles

Propose a title for an eBook about your eBook's main topic.

Draft case study titles

Suggest a title for a case study on your case study's main focus.

Write infographic descriptions

Draft a description for an infographic about your infographic topic.

Create webinar descriptions

Write a brief description for a webinar discussing your webinar topic.

Draft tutorial steps

Write step one for a tutorial on your tutorial topic.

Generate taglines

Suggest a tagline for a website about your website's main theme.

Write author bios

Draft a short bio for an author specializing in the author's specialty.

Formulate eBook chapter titles

Suggest three chapter titles for an eBook on your eBook's main topic.

Draft newsletter introductions

Write an introduction for a monthly newsletter about your newsletter topic.

Create course module titles

Propose titles for the first module of a course on your course topic.

Write script for video ads

Draft the opening line for a video ad promoting your product or service.

Generate content for landing pages

Write the main headline for a landing page selling your product.

Formulate webinar invitations

Draft an invitation email for a webinar on your webinar topic.

Create content for pop-up ads

Write a short message for a pop-up ad promoting your special offer.

Draft thank you pages

Write a thank you message for customers who just signed up for your service or offer.

Generate content for error pages

Draft a friendly error message for a 404 page on a website about your website's main theme.

Write content for chatbots

Create a greeting message for a chatbot on a website selling your product.

Formulate content for push notifications

Write a push notification promoting a new blog post about your blog post topic.

Draft content for mobile apps

Write a description for a mobile app feature related to your app's main function.

Generate content for user manuals

Draft the introduction for a user manual of your product.

Create content for quizzes

Write the first question for a quiz about your quiz topic.

Formulate content for polls

Draft a poll question for readers of a blog about your blog niche.