18 ChatGPT Prompts for Articles Writing

Carefully crafted 18 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Articles Writing tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 18 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write catchy headlines

Suggest a headline for an article about a specific topic.

Draft an introduction

Write an introduction for an article on a particular topic.

Conclude an article

Provide a conclusion for an article about a specific topic.

Create a call-to-action

Craft a call-to-action for an article on a particular topic.

Generate article subheadings

List 5 subheadings for an article about a specific topic.

Draft a product review

Write a brief review for a named product.

Describe a person or character

Describe the character with specific traits or background.

Write a how-to guide

Draft a how-to guide on a specific topic or task.

Create a listicle

Write a listicle about a specific topic.

Draft an opinion piece

Write an opinion paragraph on a particular topic or stance.

Describe an event or experience

Describe the event with specific details or theme.

Write a news summary

Summarize the news about a specific topic or event.

Create an interview questionnaire

List 5 questions for an interview with a person of a specific profession or background.

Draft a book summary

Summarize the book titled with a specific name.

Describe a place or setting

Describe the setting with particular place or environment details.

Create a quiz question

Craft a quiz question about a specific topic.

Write a film or book critique

Write a critique for a named film or book.

Draft a personal essay

Write a personal essay about a specific experience or theme.