17 ChatGPT Prompts for Translation

Carefully crafted 17 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Translation tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 17 ChatGPT prompt templates

Review translated content for fluency

Review the translated passage for fluency.

Suggest synonyms for a translated word

Suggest synonyms for the translated word.

Correct grammar in translated content

Correct the grammar in the translated sentence.

Identify mistranslations

Identify any mistranslations in the passage.

Rewrite awkward translations

Rewrite the awkwardly translated sentence for clarity.

Check consistency in translated document..

Check for consistency in the use of terms in the translated document.

Suggest tone adjustments for target audi..

Suggest tone adjustments for the translated content targeting a specific audience.

Identify idiomatic expressions in source..

Identify idiomatic expressions in the sentence.

Translate a short phrase or idiom

Translate the idiom or phrase to the specified language.

Suggest alternative translations for a p..

Suggest alternative translations for the phrase.

Suggest localization improvements

Suggest localization improvements for the translated content.

Write a translator's note for clarity

Write a translator's note for the translated sentence.

Suggest title translations for articles ..

Suggest a translation for the article or chapter title.

Check for consistent use of terminology

Check the translated content for consistent use of terminology.

Suggest edits for brevity in translated ..

Suggest edits to make the translated content more concise.

Identify and correct mixed metaphors

Identify and correct mixed metaphors in the translated content.

Provide feedback on translation quality

Provide feedback on the quality of the translation.