24 ChatGPT Prompts for Market Research

Carefully crafted 24 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Market Research tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 24 ChatGPT prompt templates

Draft a survey question

Draft a survey question about your topic or product.

Write a SWOT analysis

Write a SWOT analysis for your company or product.

Identify target demographics

Suggest target demographics for a product like the one you described.

Draft a focus group guide

Create a focus group discussion guide for your product or topic.

Formulate a hypothesis

Formulate a hypothesis based on the market trend you specified.

Identify market trends

List 5 potential market trends for your industry.

Draft a product feedback form

Create a feedback form for your product.

Write a summary of market findings

Summarize the market research findings from the data you provided.

Identify potential market segments

Suggest potential market segments for your industry or product.

Draft interview questions for market res..

Create 5 interview questions for researching your topic or product.

Identify key market drivers

List key drivers in the market for your industry.

Draft a market research report introduct..

Write an introduction for a market research report on your topic or industry.

Draft a conclusion for a market research..

Write a conclusion based on the market research findings you described.

Write survey questions

Draft five survey questions about your specific research topic.

Analyze survey results

Summarize the key findings from the survey results you've gathered.

Draft a focus group guide

Develop a focus group guide centered around your research topic.

Create a SWOT analysis

Create a SWOT analysis for your specified product or company.

Formulate a hypothesis

Formulate a research hypothesis from the provided data or observations.

Draft interview questions

Draft five interview questions for conducting market research on your product or topic.

Summarize research findings

Summarize the key points from the research report you have.

Write a product positioning statement

Draft a positioning statement for your specified product.

Create a customer persona

Describe a customer persona for your product or service.

Draft a product feedback questionnaire

Develop a questionnaire to collect feedback on your product.

Write a market research report conclusio..

Conclude with the findings from your market research data.