39 ChatGPT Prompts for Human Resources Management

Carefully crafted 39 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Human Resources Management tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 39 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write a job description

Draft a job description for the specified position.

Create interview questions

Provide five interview questions for the designated role.

Draft an employee performance review

Write a performance review for an employee, detailing strengths and weaknesses.

Formulate a rejection letter

Draft a polite rejection letter for an applicant to a specified position.

Write an onboarding email

Compose an onboarding email for a newly hired individual in a specified role.

Craft an employee recognition letter

Write a recognition letter for an employee, celebrating a specific achievement.

Draft a company policy

Create a policy on a specified topic.

Formulate a training module introduction

Write an introduction for a training module on a designated topic.

Create a survey for employee feedback

Draft five questions for an employee satisfaction survey.

Write a memo about a company event

Compose a memo informing employees about an upcoming event.

Draft a resignation acceptance letter

Write a letter accepting the resignation of a specified employee.

Formulate a reminder for benefits enroll..

Draft a reminder email about the upcoming benefits enrollment deadline.

Write a diversity and inclusion statemen..

Compose a statement on the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Create a list of team-building activitie..

Suggest five team-building activities for a specific number of team members.

Draft a company holiday announcement

Write an announcement for an upcoming holiday or occasion.

Formulate a message about a change in co..

Draft a message informing employees about recent changes in a specified policy.

Write a recommendation letter

Compose a recommendation letter for an employee applying to a specific program.

Create a list of employee benefits

List ten potential benefits a company can offer its employees.

Draft a message about a salary increase

Write a message informing an employee about an upcoming salary increase.

Formulate a message about a disciplinary..

Draft a message to an employee regarding a specific issue or violation.

Write a job title

Suggest a catchy job title for a specific role.

Craft a job summary

Write a brief summary for a designated job role.

List job responsibilities

List 5 key responsibilities for a specified job role.

Create job qualifications

List 5 qualifications needed for a particular job role.

Write a company overview

Write a brief company overview for a specified company.

Highlight company benefits

List 5 key benefits of working at a specific company.

Create a call to action

Suggest a compelling call to action for a job advertisement.

Draft an equal opportunity statement

Write an equal opportunity employment statement for a job ad.

Craft a job location description

Describe the work location for a job role at a specified company.

Write a remote work description

Write a description for a remote position in a designated job role.

Create a salary range description

Suggest a salary range description for a job role based on industry or location.

Draft a job contract type

Describe a specific type of contract position for a designated job role.

Highlight company culture

Write a brief description of the company culture at a specified company.

Describe growth opportunities

Describe the growth opportunities for a job role at a specified company.

Draft a work-life balance statement

Write a statement highlighting work-life balance at a specific company.

Create a skills and competencies list

List down 5 key skills and competencies for a designated job role.

Draft a reporting structure description

Describe the reporting structure for a job role at a specified company.

Write a job application process

Describe the application process for a job role at a specified company.

Craft a confidentiality statement

Write a confidentiality statement for a job application at a specified company.