16 ChatGPT Prompts for Interior Designing

Carefully crafted 16 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Interior Designing tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 16 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write room descriptions

Describe a room with a chosen design theme.

Generate color palette suggestions

Suggest a color palette for a room based on a specified mood or theme.

Draft a furniture list

List 10 pieces of furniture suitable for a specific room type.

Create mood board descriptions

Describe a mood board for a room inspired by a chosen source.

Suggest fabric types

Recommend fabrics suitable for a room in a specific design style.

List decorative items

List 5 decorative items for a room with a chosen theme or mood.

Draft lighting ideas

Suggest 3 types of lighting fixtures for a room.

Write design concept statements

Write a design concept statement for a room inspired by a specific source.

Suggest wall art ideas

Recommend wall art for a room with a specific design style.

Generate flooring suggestions

Suggest a type of flooring for a room with a specific design style.

Draft window treatment ideas

Recommend window treatments for a room.

Suggest plant and greenery ideas

List 3 types of plants suitable for a room with specified lighting conditions.

Write renovation tips

Provide 5 renovation tips for homeowners redesigning a specific room.

Generate theme ideas

Suggest 3 design themes suitable for a room.

Suggest room accessories

Recommend 5 accessories for a room with a specific design style.

Create design taglines or slogans

Create a catchy tagline for an interior design project focused on a specific style or theme.