18 ChatGPT Prompts for Financial Consultation

Carefully crafted 18 ChatGPT prompts to power up your Financial Consultation tasks. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Total 18 ChatGPT prompt templates

Write financial advice summaries

Provide a summary for financial advice on your chosen topic.

Draft investment strategies

Draft a basic investment strategy based on your age and risk tolerance.

Create budget templates

Design a monthly budget template according to your income bracket.

Generate retirement plans

Create a retirement plan outline for someone at your specified age with your savings amount.

Write loan analysis

Analyze the pros and cons of taking a specific type of loan.

Draft savings plans

Draft a savings plan for achieving your financial goal.

Create tax strategies

Provide a tax-saving strategy for someone within your tax bracket.

Write insurance recommendations

Recommend insurance policies based on your specific need or life situation.

Generate financial health reports

Write a financial health report based on a debt to income ratio you specify.

Create debt reduction plans

Draft a debt reduction plan for someone with your total debt amount.

Write investment portfolio reviews

Review an investment portfolio featuring your top 5 assets.

Draft financial goal statements

Write a financial goal statement for your 5-year plan.

Create risk assessment reports

Provide a risk assessment for an investment in your specified type.

Write credit score improvement plans

Draft a plan to improve a credit score you provide.

Generate wealth accumulation strategies

Create a strategy for accumulating wealth over your given time frame.

Write financial product comparisons

Compare the benefits of two financial products you specify.

Create personal finance tips

Provide a personal finance tip for someone in a specific financial situation.

Draft financial seminar outlines

Create an outline for a seminar on your financial topic.