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Unlock the true power of ChatGPT with our Free Google Chrome extension. Bookmark, save and organize your best prompt templates and GPTs all in one place and access instantly with a click. Works perfectly with ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Team accounts.

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Designed to benefit from AI in everyday professional work.

Tired of writing or copy-pasting
the same prompt over and over? We were…

Prompt management nightmare

Writing, collecting, copy-pasting prompts from spreadsheet, notion, notepad to ChatGPT, what a nightmare. Makes you work more than usual.

Bad prompt = Bad output

Writing detailed prompts every time you want ChatGPT to help you with your work is not easy. Rather time consuming, tiring and often feels like a punishment.

Unorganized GPTs all over place

Where is that GPT when you need it? Buried under 10s of other GPTs you have tested last week. It’s so frustrating to organize the GPTs you need frequently.

Write, bookmark, organize & access all your frequently used prompts & GPTs from a single dashboard.

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How it works

Create reusable dynamic prompt templates, save and bookmark GPTs and templates in folders and access whenever you need with a single click right inside your ChatGPT dashboard.

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Top Features of Promptmatic

What makes Promptmatic an indispensable companion for ChatGPT

Smart Prompt Template Editor

Write detailed prompts in less than a minute

Output from ChatGPT is always better with a detail prompt. Write detailed and dynamic prompts effortlessly with our Smart Prompt Editor, your ultimate tool for ChatGPT prompt engineering in professional settings. Our feature-packed editor with variable management features and 300+ presets for role, instruction, tone and style helps you become a prompt expert instantly. Easy to start and zero learning curve.

Prompt editor

Custom Prompt Template Library

Save & organize your frequently used prompts

Maximize efficiency with our Prompt Template Library, your go-to for effortlessly saving and organizing frequently used prompts. Streamline your workflow with easy access to categorized, optimized prompts, ready for immediate use or quick adjustment. Boost productivity and creativity with our solution, ensuring your best prompts are always at your fingertips. Simplify prompt management and unlock the full potential of ChatGPT.

Prompt library

GPT Bookmark Manager

Bookmark and organize your frequently used GPTs

Elevate your productivity with our GPT Bookmark Manager, designed to save and access your essential GPTs with just a single click. Streamline your workflow by keeping your frequently used GPTs readily available, ensuring instant access and seamless usage for your daily tasks. This feature transforms how you organize and interact with GPTs, focusing on productivity and ease of usage.

GPT manager

Unlimited custom and more than 300 pre-built
roles, instructions, tones and styles.


Custom & 160+ pre-built ready to use roles

Supercharge your ChatGPT prompts with our dynamic role customization feature, plus a library of over 160 pre-built roles. Tailor ChatGPT to your exact needs or dive into our ready-to-use roles for lightning-fast prompt creation.

Whether customizing or choosing from our vast selection, you'll craft prompts quicker and more effectively, enhancing productivity and creativity. Elevate your AI writing process today and make every prompt effortlessly powerful.


Custom & 60+ pre-built ready to use instructions

Revolutionize your ChatGPT interactions with our custom instruction builder and an extensive suite of over 60 pre-built, ready-to-use instructions. Streamline your prompt crafting process, enabling rapid deployment of tailored or out-of-the-box solutions that boost efficiency and elevate output quality.

Perfect for anyone looking to speed up their workflow while maintaining precision and creativity. Dive into a world where every prompt is crafted faster and smarter, thanks to our innovative instruction toolkit.


Custom & 60+ pre-built ready to use writing styles

Transform your ChatGPT prompts with our customizable toolkit, featuring over 60 pre-built, ready-to-use writing styles. Unlock the power to rapidly adapt your AI's voice, ensuring every communication is perfectly pitched and tailored to your needs.

From professional reports to creative storytelling, our diverse styles make prompt crafting swift and seamless. Elevate your content creation game, enhance efficiency, and spark creativity with our unparalleled writing style library. Step into a world where your perfect tone is just a selection away.


Custom & 60+ pre-built ready to use writing tones

Elevate your ChatGPT prompts to new heights with our exclusive toolkit, featuring over 60 ready-to-use writing tones alongside customizable options. Instantly match the perfect tone for any context, from authoritative and professional to light-hearted and playful.

Our vast selection empowers you to craft prompts with precision and speed, streamlining your workflow and sparking unparalleled creativity. Dive into a world where every message resonates exactly as intended, thanks to our versatile tone library. Transform your content creation effortlessly with us today.

Pricing suitable for everyone to enjoy increased productivity and automation with ChatGPT and Promptmatic.

Simple pricing with no commitment. Cancel anytime.


Compatible with ChatGPT Free, Plus and Team accounts.

  • 50 prompt templates
  • 50 GPT bookmarks
  • 10 prompt folders
  • 10 GPT folders
  • 10 custom roles
  • 10 custom instructions
  • 10 custom styles & tones

Compatible with ChatGPT Free, Plus and Team accounts.

  • 150 prompt templates
  • 150 GPT bookmarks
  • 30 prompt folders
  • 30 GPT folders
  • 30 custom roles
  • 30 custom instructions
  • 30 custom styles & tones

Compatible with ChatGPT Free, Plus and Team accounts.

  • Unlimited prompt templates
  • Unlimited GPT bookmarks
  • Unlimited prompt folders
  • Unlimited GPT folders
  • Unlimited custom roles
  • Unlimited custom instructions
  • Unlimited custom styles & tones

Prompt Editor

Smart and feature-packed prompt editor to create and deploy high quality prompt templates in minutes.

Prompt Library

Custom prompt library to organize all your frequently used prompt templates in one place.

GPT Bookmark Manager

Full fledged bookmark manager to save and organize your frequently used GPTs for one-click access.

Roles & Instructions

Custom roles and instructions along with 100s of prebuilt ones to quickly prepare prompt templates for any task.

Writing Styles & Tones

100s of prebuilt writing styles and tones along with features to create your custom one to align with your styles.

Folders & Management

Full fledged prompt template and GPT folder manager to organize according to your need and specific use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. Promptmatic works with all ChatGPT account types including ChatGPT Free, ChatGPT plus and ChatGPT Team.
Promptmatic paid plan is for users with higher usage. You will have unlimited usage privilege and priority support if you are a customer.
We have a very reasonable pricing policy. You get everything without any usage limit for $7.50 per month billed annually or $12.50 per month when paid monthly.
Customers get support via email and help desk 24x7. Expect to get a reply within 24 hours from the support ticket. Free users get support via knowledge base and publicly available tutorials only.
Yes, of course. You will have your own custom billing portal powered by Stripe with all your invoices and receipts. Simply click the Subscription menu and follow the “Manage subscription” button.
Yes, you will get your own subscription management portal powered by Stripe to cancel your subscription anytime you want. Simply click the Subscription menu and follow the “Manage subscription” button.
Our billing system is powered and hosted by Stripe. We support all kinds of debit and credit cards for processing payments. We do not support Paypal payments at this moment.
We do not offer any refunds on subscription fees. Every purchase is final. We have a very generous free plan. We recommend starting with our free plan and upgrading only when you need higher usage quota.
Yes, you will get your own subscription management portal powered by Stripe to cancel your subscription anytime you want. Simply click the Subscription menu and follow the “Manage subscription” button.